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Our expertise gives our clients industry intelligence that cannot be duplicated by any Google search nor replicated by any search firm.

No two companies are the same, no two candidates are the same, and no two searches are the same – and on this, we thrive.

We thoroughly define your needs analysis so we can identify leaders who will have the right skills, knowledge, and depth of talent to effectively lead your organization. 

Our standards for quality are unparalleled. We pride ourselves on our ability to serve as an extension of our client companies - understanding their needs as if they were our own. 

We believe the way your organization attracts and develops its leaders affects your future growth, and we want to partner with your team to improve your full-cycle recruitment process.

We identify the right fit, the first time. Our proprietary assessments are proven to improve your candidate selection accuracy and increase retention.

 Our mission for every engagement is to develop and cultivate a robust recruitment campaign that is completely unique to our client's needs and expectations. 


We are meticulous when defining our candidate success profile to ensure we dedicate a team of search partners who have the experiential capacity and expertise to drive and support exceptional results for our client companies.

Premier Executive


Search Partners

Executive Assessment

 In today’s talent environment it’s almost impossible to discuss executive talent without addressing some form of executive assessment. 


Antiquated methods like “gut feelings” and “panel interviews” don’t work.  If there is nobody on the panel who knows what to ask or what they’re seeking  – four confused people are not better than one.


Too often companies make critical hiring decisions based on inadequate information, feelings, or undependable methods.  There is a lot of guessing going on, when the reality is companies don’t have time for costly hiring mistakes. 


Where does it begin?  From improper screening methods to poor interviewing techniques that then transcend into misguided attempts at selection systems that are costly (both in time and money) and equate to a bad hiring decisions. 


What’s the cost of a bad hire?  Do you really want to know? Besides just the time and resources that went into that hire alone – how about the effect of a bad hire on morale, leaderships efficacy in the eyes of the team, and the potential for work to go undone or for other employees (not properly trained or motivated) to take on roles that are beyond their scope. Let’s face facts – that’s just the beginning.


The PRI Partner Executive Assessment is our fool proof method to be sure we have identified and submitted the right candidate for the position.  Unlike other “recruiters” we don’t like to guess, throw resumes at a company, and hope that something sticks.  We believe in the value of thorough assessments that can predict whether a candidate and client company will continue a long and prosperous relationship. 


Our Executive Assessments have been created by Industrial and Organizational Psychologists that understand the nuances of hospitality and leadership.  Our assessments are like a predictive index on steroids.  We accurately assess the executive’s abilities in direct relation to the company for which we are placing a candidate – ensuring that the one to one correlation meets our identified criteria.  Our retained searches provide a detailed analysis of the relationship, abilities and findings and we fully stand behind our assessments which essentially create our PerfectPlacement™.




Today’s global landscape and competition requires companies to adapt and transform their process for identifying and attracting leaders. Traditional sourcing and recruitment channels are no longer as effective. The need to quickly identify star talent from a global labor pool is the new reality.


Our search partners take an old world hospitality approach and apply them to new world concepts allowing us to execute every search with precision. We understand the fundamental components of the industry, the very fabric by which the industry is based and we direct your nuanced search by creating a roadmap that will attract and retain the leaders your team needs to move forward. 


At PRI we factor in every variable to ensure our strategy maintains an effective competitive edge that deliver results and exceed expectations.

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