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We are focused on introducing you to opportunities that will inspire you with companies that will excel with your leadership

Candidate Experience


At PRI our goal is to create win³ solutions. That equates to win-win-win.


Our intention is to provide our represented candidates with opportunities that truly align with their professional target in mind. Our vision is to unite our candidates exceptional talents with hospitality organizations who will excel with your leadership. 


We aren’t paper pushers, we work to build a strong relationship with candidates by getting to know their career development goals. 



We work with the most talented hospitality candidates. Our candidates are those that live, eat, and dream – hospitality.  The candidates that love what they do and do what they love.  We get to know their knowledge, skills, talents, personality and preferences, and we work to find the perfect fit.  

To be contacted by one of our Partners, please 

All information provided will remain confidential.  

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